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Abdel Majid El-Sharif and Khoury Mikhael Khoury, By Hassan Bietar 4th April 1999

Dear Abdel Fattah, The content of your letter has proved my expectation and whom I thought you were. Off course I knew your late father. He was a handsome man but not a show off, humble and likeable .... more >>>

Under The Zinzlakhti Tree at Abou Alif Place - By Hassan Bitar. 4th August 2000

Hassan Bitar commenting on the above picture I sent to him. The picture was taken in front of Afif Khoury's shop at Bazbina. Under the Zenzlakht tree, in Winter of 1960, there were sitting left to right: Saad Slaiman (Bitar), Fayez Khoury, .... more >>>

Immigrants recall homeland in old Syria at Arnold fete. By Charles Shearer, Monday, August 22, 1984 , From Carol Farid Bitar Ofeish, Falls Church, VA 22042, 12th January 2000

Dear Manuel, I am sending you this picture and the article that appeared in the New Kensington Daily Dispatch on August 22, 1977.
In the picture from left to right they are James Kanaan age 87, Sarah Naamy 86, Tillie Kanaan 85, and Charles Joseph (my husband's grandfather) age 88. .... more >>>

Uncle Khoury Ibrahim Nassar By Hassan El-Bietar 8th February 2000

Dear Manuel, This is a story about my Uncle Khoury Ibrahim Nassar. My mother, Lousiana, came one Saturday noon to Uncle Ibrahim house. Some chicken kept coming from his neighbor's place, Hajj Adel Salam Al-Ali (he lived across from my uncle's house). Uncle Ibrahim told my mom .... more >>>

TO THE GOOD MEMORY OF ELIAS ISSA. Posted by Roula Elias Issa on March 26, 2001

I miss you dad. I am sad we lost you so soon and in this painful way. I wish you lived longer to see our children grow up. You filled our days with laughter and joy, and now your death has left a great void in our lives. You were the greatest loving dad and the dearest friend to all of us. You devoted your life to us; you provided for us, took care of us and listened to our problems. You were our safety net. .... more >>>

Spiridon Hazim By Hassan El-Bietar Mon, 17 Jan 2000

Dear Manuel, Spiridon was a folk hero in Bazbina's turbulent and nostalgic past. He never paid attention to the local problems or to the daily disputes of the local power struggle in the village. He was above all this .... more >>>

Uncle Merched Nassar Hassan El-Bietar 12th March 2000

Dear Manuel, Thank you for the wishes regarding my return to SF. Are you planning to visit the States? Remember you have a home there as well. Keep in touch and update your news and where abouts. Give my best .... more >>>

From Eduardo Federico Antun Santo Domingo, Wed., 21st April 1999

Dear Manuel, I am sorry that I could not write to you earlier. I really wanted to express my great pleasure to have met you during your recent visit to the Dominican Republic. Ever since I was a little kid .... more >>>

From Toufic Ashkar, Houston To Daniel Hazim, Atlanta, 28th April 1999.

Dear Daniel, While visiting you in Atlanta, Moussa Moussa (son of Anwar Moussa) was walking around admiring your liquor store. Suddenly, he saw something that he thought he must warn you about in order for you not to loose customers .... more >>>

Roots and the Family Tree - By Alejandro Hazim Miami 6th May. 2000.

Hi Manuel, How are you and the family? I hope all are in the best of health. I'm not very good at writting but, I was compeled to drop you these few lines. This may sound just silly but, I felt you should be praised for the time and effort you are putting into this project. I personally feel a great sense of pride saying: .... more >>>

E-mails Received Re: Bazbina As At May 10th, 1999.

Querido Manuel: Por que parte del mundo andas en estos monentos? Solo unas lineas para saludarte y saber de tí. Un abrazo de Alberto Santana y Lily Khoury de Santana. (Daughter of Nabih .... more >>>

The Bitar Family of Bazbina, Akkar. Written by Farid Abdallah Bitar (A1-12)

The little that I know about the origin of the Bitar family, I heard it when I was a child from my father in his occasional conversations with others of the family. At that time I was a child and I did not pay much attention, but after I became an adult, the bits of conversations stored in my memory came to the surface of my attention, and what I really know is not a whole lot. .... more >>>

From Hassan El-Bietar 15Th April 2001

Dear Manuel, I received your fax and "thank you very much". While in Lebanon please remember me and try to eat some of those green and delicious plums and almond with salt for me. Don't forget to go and get some "zawba'e" and "hyiloon", the fun is to pick them up yourself. This is a fun thing to do. .... more >>>

News From the Village 4th Sept. 2001.

As I passed the month of August in the Village, I could tell you what is going on: The son of Malek Abdel Fattah El-Charif, Ahmad, got wed. The whole village plus many others from Beireh, Ain Yaacoub, Berej, Tekrit, Akkar El-Atika etc. were invited to a dinner party at Jannet Arka. The party gathered 1200 persons for a seated .... more >>>

Artesian Water Well At Wadi Deir. 01 March 2002

During the spring of 2001, the Municipality of Bazbina bored and equipped an artesian water well located at Wadi Deir to supplement the water supply network of the village that was brought from Ain El-Tini as well as to augment .... more >>>





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