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Alif Afif Khoury

Alif Afif Khoury is the first son to Afif Mikhael Khoury (Abou Alif) and to Meriana Mikhael Youssef Khoury from Safita, Syria. It happened that the Khoury family of Bazbina came originally from Safita. After 2 or 3 generations Afif returned to Safita on a visit and married a cousin, Meriana. Likewise, Yaacoub, a cousin to Afif followed suite and married Meriana's sister, Samira (Em Hanna).   ...... details >>

Nabil Khebbazi

We have known each other (Nabil and I) in Bazbina ever since we were kids. He was always a staunch supporter and participator in all the activities in the village. Earned a law degree from the Lebanese University and stepped up in several government positions to be at present the "Kaem Makam" of B'sharri District in North Lebanon. Kaem Makam is the official name of the Government representative in a particular district in Lebanon.   ...... details >>

Toufic El Achkar

Toufic El Achkar returned to Bazbina on 25th May 2009 to attend the burial ceremony of his mother, Adibeh Chahda, who passed away in Houston on 22nd May 2009. She lived for 85 years of continuous strive and hard work.   ...... details >>


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