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Spiridon Hazim By Hassan El-Bietar Mon, 17 Jan 2000


Dear Manuel,

Spiridon was a folk hero in Bazbina's turbulent and nostalgic past. He never paid attention to the local problems or to the daily disputes of the local power struggle in the village. He was above all this and his involvement was always positive. The joyful and supportive Spiridon has been engraved in my memory while growing up and during my youth and my personal problems that were associated with my political beliefs.
I will never forget the cute and periodic arguments between him and my uncle El-Khoury Ibrahim Nassar about a special hymn (Lahn) in the church ceremonies. He lived his life as any one would like to live. His home was next to the church in physical location and spiritual place. Aunt Ramza, Mary, Hanna, and Gibran are wonderful peoples and are loved by every one I know. I am sure they are proud of their great dad and the marks he left in them and in all of us. Spiridon, you will live forever with us and share our best memories.








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