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News From the Village 4th Sept. 2001.


As I passed the month of August in the Village, I could tell you what is going on:

The son of Malek Abdel Fattah El-Charif, Ahmad, got wed. The whole village plus many others from Beireh, Ain Yaacoub, Berej, Tekrit, Akkar El-Atika etc. were invited to a dinner party at Jannet Arka. The party gathered 1200 persons for a seated dinner. Congratulations to the newly wed.

Roger Hanna Bahsa and wife Jaquelin
, with little daughter, Christina, are spending their vacation in Bazbina. The good news is that Jakie is pregnant and we do hope that she will have a baby boy.

Dr. Camal Hanna Bahsa arrived two days ago from Santo Domingo for a short stay of two weeks in Bazbina. We wish Camal a good stay with relatives and friends.

Michel Julito Hazim and wife Aida with son Julito, are also in Bazbina for a two weeks visit from the Dominican Republic. Michel insisted in spending his vacation in the village refusing to go anywhere else in Lebanon. The climate in Ain El-Houwarah is very enthusing. He learnt from his parents in Law a lot of skills. To quote few: Malban, Hsenboul, to collect nuts from under the wallnut trees in Jerfeh, Dibes Remman, Dibes Remman etc. Michel can return to his businesses in Santo Domingo with a full and high spirit.

Nahima Nazih Bahsa joined Michel and Aida in their trip from the Dom. Rep. I was surprized to hear Nahima's fluent Spanish. Nahima has always observed her weight to make everyone jealous including myself.

Chemel and Gerjis Hazim came from Valera, Venezuela, to spend the whole summer time in Bazbina. Everyday Chemel is having a good supply of fresh figs and grapes.

Roger Mikhael Bitar
is getting wed at Bazbina's St. George church on September 9th, 2001 to Rania Nehmeh Haddad. Following the wedding ceremony, there will be a dinner party at Jannet Arka. After spending their honeymoon, the newly wed shall leave to Austin, Texas, the work place of Roger. Congratulations.

Hassan Bitar together with all his family and sons in law, arrived Bazbina few days ago specially to attend the wedding ceremony of his nephew, Roger. To list Hassan's family: there is his wife Marina, his son Javier and friend Mollie, daughter Souria and husband Dr. Kenneth Meckler, daughter Yasmina and husband Mike Prendergast and daughter Laila. (PS. We should start thinking seriously in investing in a motel business in Bazbina.)

Abdallah Hani Bitar
shall also be arriving from Kuwait to attend the wedding ceremony of his cousin, Roger. We are looking forward to the completion of Abdalla's 3 story villa in Bazbina in order to celebrate with a grand party.

Adib Merched Nassar
will be arriving Bazbina with his family from San Francisco on 11th September, 2001. Everyone in the village is awaiting Adib's arrival to listen to his jokes and enjoy his humor. Adib, better known as Super as Usual shall be spending 3 weeks among us. Aunt Nuhad is busy preparing the Tripoli apartment and the house at Braj in Bazbina.

Ziad Paul Nassar
came from Los Angeles with a promise to spend a month time in Bazbina. He is spending most of his time in Beirut and in Las Salinas. Ziad only came half day to Bazbina. (PS we are reviewing his Bazbina Status??!!). I should thank Ziad for the nice time he spent with me and with my family while in LA.

Moufid and Nabiha Khoury
returned from a long journey from the US and the Dom. Rep. They met Omar and Fayez, their sons, and all relatives in the Dominican Rep. When we went to welcome their arrivals, we were offered all kind of home prepared sweets and fruits including Riz Bhalib, Meghli etc.

Nehman Ward (Abou Joud) had a third operation in his left foot. We wish that that will end the pain felt in his foot for the past 4 years.

Abboud Mansour. I spent much time with Abboud charting the Mansour family of Bazbina. Also doing some research on the Nehmeh family and the Nassar family.

Marian Jamil Koussa. Came with the family from Beirut to spend a week end. Going to bed at night, she got a great present under the quilt. Guess what? A one meter light-brown snake. Mimi could no longer sleep in that room and she moved to the house. I wonder whether Jamil planted it there??!!








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