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New York Weekly - Melanie Koussa Is a Multi-Talented Individual With Great Things Awaiting Her


Five years later, Melanie would sit on her piano and follow the melody in her head. Since then, she has been composing over 20 pieces and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The young musician takes inspiration from several composers like Ludovico Einaudi, Mozart, Beethoven, and Hans Zimmer. One of her many dreams is to conduct her own orchestra while playing the grand piano and singing. She is currently a member of the National Arab Orchestra.Outside of piano, Melanie also plays the recorder, guitar, tambourine, and harmonica. She is currently learning the violin to add to her musical talents. Melanie also dances and performs on stage, having taken the lead in high school for musicals like Beauty & the Beast and The Wizard of Oz. Melanie would also pursue every form of art and even go beyond, taking an interest in sports and writing. When she has time, Melanie likes to sketch. She especially enjoys doing portraits with graphite pencils.
Originally from Lebanon, Melanie Koussspeaks English and her mother tongue and took the time to learn Spanish and some Latin. She is also learning French as it is her dream to travel more in the years to come. Melanie is also very active as she was a member of the swim team in her high school. She would also participate in soccer, squash, and running. It was only recently that she joined a basketball group for weekly meets to participate in a tournament once a month.
Melanie is also venturing into more new things as she is directing, producing, and acting in her upcoming short film, “My SweetHeart.”
A behind-the-scenes makeup look for the upcoming short film, “My SweetHeart”One of her dreams is to make it into the entertainment industry and hopes to see herself in a movie or series on Netflix and the cinemas. The multi-talented musician’s imagination sees no end as she absorbs books and writes. Despite having so many dreams, Melanie’s main goal is to show her talent through her singing, compositions, acting, playing the piano, and dancing. She is a proud member of the professional dance troupe Folkoholic Dance Theatre.
Today, Melanie has maintained that same outlook as she studies pre-med at the University of Houston. Although still a college student, she makes time to pursue recreational activities and projects her energy while working multiple jobs. Melanie works part-time at a hospital while also teaching the Phoenicians choir and band at her church (on Instagram and Facebook), making an example of herself to the youth. She is also working on starting a bucket drumming group in Houston called, Houston Bucket Drumming (on Instagram and Facebook). Check both groups out on Instagram and Facebook.
To know more about Melanie Koussa, please follow her on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to her YouTube channel for the latest updates.

 Article found here: https://nyweekly.com/entertainment/melanie-koussa-is-a-multi-talented-individual-with-great-things-awaiting-her/ 








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