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Word from Manuel Hazim


I miss you dad. I am sad we lost you so soon and in this painful way. I wish you lived longer to see our children grow up. You filled our days with laughter and joy, and now your death has left a great void in our lives. You were the greatest loving dad and the dearest friend to all of us. You devoted your life to us; you provided for us, took care of us and listened to our problems. You were our safety net.

You went through many hardships during your childhood, but you never complained and never gave up on life. On the contrary, you worked hard and you became the great successful person that everybody loved and looked up to. I am so proud to be your daughter.

You loved Bazbina and each and everyone of its people, and they loved you too. You loved life and you enjoyed every second of it. You always looked at the bright side of life and thanked God for what he has given you. I want to be like you and see life through your eyes.

I promise you dad that I will keep your memory alive and do the things that you liked to see me do. I am sure that you are in a better place now watching over us and guiding our way in this life.

You will be in my heart forever and I will always miss you. May you rest in peace......

From all your family who loves you very much.
Your daughter,

Posted by Manuel Hazim on March 27, 2001
In Reply to: My dad Elias Issa posted by Roula Elias Issa on March 26, 2001

Dear Roula,

How much your words are true and deeply felt. I could imagine Elias with me while reading through your note. I could add a lot and a lot about Elias and I will never finish. We all remember Elias and his words of greetings: "Ya Hala Bel Ward" or "Ya Hala Bel Woroud". This prompted Samir Nassar and myself to call our daughters: Hala.

Also, his greeting: "Ya Hala Ibna-Khoui". His chants and his harmonica never to be forgotten. All of a sudden he starts with "The Spanish National Anthem" of Franco and turns to "Zhabyata-l Ounsi Ta'alaiy" to end up with "Arijou-Zahri min Ourfek".

He was following every student from our community, including myself. He wanted to know what and how are we doing what are we thinking and planning for the future . He used to direct us and tell us that with determination we can attain marvels. When we graduated, he worked laboriously to get us posted. He had the confidence in every one of us that we are going to excel and be successful in life. He thought of us as a mirror reflection of himself and that would mean that our success is his as well.

Personally, I can not forget Elias. After my graduation in 1970 I travelled to Nigeria to work with CAT on road jobs. We were left alone in far and remote areas, in virgin tropical forests and in swamps. To get food supplies we had to send our storekeepers over earth-roads to the nearest city on a journey of 4 hours. I will not be exaggerating to state that the strongest spiritual support I had then was through the regular letters of my father and those of your Dad, which are safe kept in my files.

In being positively active with the people around him, giving them advice and spiritual support, he was truly following the word of God and he would be the first to be in Heaven.

He will be always remembered. We shall encounter few like him in our lifetime. God bless his memory and his soul.









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