E-mails Received Re: Bazbina As At May 10th, 1999.

Subject: Fw: Saludos desde Sto.Domingo
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 07:56:06 -0500
From: "santana.khoury"

Querido Manuel:
Por que parte del mundo andas en estos monentos?
Solo unas lineas para saludarte y saber de tí.
Un abrazo de Alberto Santana y Lily Khoury de Santana. (Daughter of Nabih Khoury, Santo Domingo)

Subject: Akkar
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 18:24:55 +0100
From: "Rachid Saghiah"
To: "Manuel Hazim"

Manuel, this page shows the geographical position of Bazbina/Bayno in Akkar
http://www.public-works.gov.lb/public/akkar1.html (Rashid Saghiah � Paris )

Subject: Re: Bazbina Newsletter No. 001 Date: 22 March 1999.
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 15:52:55 -0500
From: "Mary Frances Attias" dicatt@codetel.net.do
To: "Manuel Hazim"

Dear Manuel :

Thank you for your letter. I read it to my mother and gave copy to Gachi. We were very pleased to hear about you nalthough sorry for the decesed in the family. We sure hope that rain reaches the needed limits. All over the world there is so much suffering, most of them created by humans, like war.
Your e-mail will allow me to communicate with John Salim who I don�t see since a long time. Thank You for doing such a nice job pulling family and friends together, I admire what you are doing.
MY mother Salve Antún Hazim found a photograph of you when you were little in Lebanon, I don�t remember who else was on the picture.

Well have a nice week, and take care.
Mary Frances Attias Antún, Santo Domingo, Rep Dominicana

Subject: RE: Bazbina Newsletter No. 001 Date: 22 March 1999.
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 18:37:27 -0800
From: "El-Bietar, Hassan"
To: "'mhazim@micro.com.ng'"

Your letter came at a very appropriate time. I am currently working in Ciudad Del Carmen, State of Campeche, Mexico. I have been working on this project since Nov 1997. The project is to refurbish an existing off shoreoil field. It is a huge project with an accelarated schedule (total value $5 billions). It is to add 34 new platforms and to refurbish 33 existing platforms with all new facilities and under water pipe lines. I was working initially in San Francisco and used to travel to Mexico city and Villahermosa in Tabasco State, and Houston Texas. While in Texas, I was able
to see Adibi Shehdah and her son Tawfik. I also was able to see my nephew Roger and to talk on the phone with Georgette Moussa and her son. I met few youg men from Bazbina, unfortunately I don't remember now their names. They are all related to Ward and Sehdah.
Back to Cd Del carmen, I came here in October 98 and been ever since working on 2 pipelines projects. My wife, Marina came and spent some time with me in february and March. This month, my daughter Suria and her husband Dr Ken Mekler (a Pathologist) will come and visit me for 2 weeks. I am looking forward to see them and enjoy their company, the last time I saw them was last June at the graduation of my son Javier. Javier now is working in Seattle, Washington. He is there with his sister Laila who is studying at the University of Washington. Also in Washington, my daughter Suria and her Husband live, since Ken is finishing up his 5 years residency in the same University. The only child left In San Francisco is my daughter Jasmina who currently works as an office manager in A. T. Kearney, an international management consulting company.
So while you are in the mood to travel, I would like to extend my invitation to you and whoever would like to come and visite me in Mexico. I promise to make it easy for any one who comes and take them to visit the rich historic
sites in Campeche and Tabasco states. I particularly extend the invitation to my dearest friends Issam and Mimi Tabshouri. And while you are in Cd Del Carmen, you can ride the bus to the resort city of Cancun which is at 6 hours ride from here.
Again thank you for the 1st Newsletter and the original idea to put it togother and make it happened. Please include in the next letter some news about your and other families. It is so refreshing and nostalgic what you have created. I hope you will continue keeping it up.
Best regards to you, your family, and all the people included and will be included in the Bazbina Newsletter.

Hassan I. El-Bietar, Principal Project Controls Engineer
Cd. del Carmen, Mexico.
52 (938) 2-39-08 x143
52 (938) 2-39-08 x141 Fax

Subject: RE: Your Article: Lebanon The Pearl of the East.
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 12:41:37 -0400
From: Mayda Antun
To: mhazim@micro.com.ng

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article with us. It only makes us want to visit all the more.
Hope all is well with you and your family. We hope to see you soon.

Warmest regards,
Mayda.. (Dr. Mayda Raphael Antun, Miami, Florida.)

Subject: Your visit to Sto Dgo.
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 16:15:53 -0400
From: "Eduardo Antun"
To: "

Dear Manuel:
Sorry I could not write you earlier, but I would like to express that it was a great pleasure to meet you during your recent visit to Dom. Rep.
Since I was a little kid the name of Manuel Hazim was heard constantly coming out from my father's mouth, with respect and love. The evening that I meet you at my parent's house, I was thinking that my father where ever he is was very happy to see us as a family together.
I hope to see you and rest of our family in Bazbina sometime this coming summer, I have dream with this trip for long time.

Eduardo (Eduardo Antun, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana)

Subject: Greetings...
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 12:47:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Javier El-Bietar
To: Manuel Hazim

Dear Manuel,
I can't tell you how much it means to me that you have made such a concerted effort to communicate within all the members of our close and wonderful community, both within Lebanon and abroad. You see, as a recent college graduate, I have been thrust into the American workforce and now realize with sadness that my vacations to my father's beautiful and hospitable homeland are going to be few and far between. I miss Bazbina with all my heart. I miss my uncles, their wives, their children (my cousins), their children's children, and all my friends.
It is so great to hear all the goings-on of the families and their lives, where they are all over the globe and the news in and out of myown family. My father and I speak of your newsletter and how it brings us closer to home. We look forward to your updates... Which reminds me, how is you daughter? I spent a lot of time with her and the Koussa's last summer, spending time talking, and all of us becoming good friends... My best to her and her efforts in school, life, etc... My best to your family and to you, Manuel.
News from our side of the family... My father, Hassan, is working for Bechtel still in Mexico on a large project on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. He is budgetting a plan to build off-shore oil rigs. My mother is in the Bay Area monitoring the family business, our delicatessin. Jasmina, my older sister lives and works in the Bay Area... My oldest sister, Suria, is here in Seattle (Washington state) working for the acclaimed Starbuck's Coffee Company. Her husband, Dr. Kenneth Meckler, is beginning a wonderful new practice as a pathologist this summer and they will be purchasing a home soon. Laila, my youngest sister, and I, are living together (and arguing everyday!) here in Seattle. She is attending the University of Washington. I am working as a sales representative for a company that manufacturers and supplies the U.S. with Scientific Optical Equipment (microscopes mainly).
My sisters have become somewhat dependant on me to bring news to them of our family in Lebanon. Your newsletter makes it easier. Well, thanks to you and helloes to everyone out there who shares the common affinity for Bazbina, Beirut, Las Salinas, etc. Lebanon! I miss you all and hope to see familiar faces sooner rather than later...

Javier Jafar Amin El-Bietar, Seatle, Washington, U.S.A.
son of Hassan Ibrahim El-Bietar

Subject: HI / new baby born to Hanna Chahda
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 12:13:02 EDT
From: CETRO2@aol.com
To: mhazim@micro.com.ng

HI Keefack, ya astaz Manual?
just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your E.mail.I was in Bazbina last week for one day after a very short trip I took to Lebanon.It was Sunday and they have a Church mass for am Elia, the wife of Hanna Elia.Any way my trip was very very short i didn't get to see hardly anyone or anything. I'm back in Austin Texas now, if you need anything just E.mail me.
About aam toufiqe,I saw her and she is doing very well.And Chaouki moussa whom i work and live nearby,is doing very well also.
P.S. I Would like to inform you that my brother Hanna Chahda and his wife Eliane just had their first baby,A healthy baby girl.They name her Michell Jane Chahda.She Weigh 7 pound and was 20.5 inches tall

Thank you
Chaoui Chahda (Austin, Texas)

Subject: thank you...
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 12:05:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Javier El-Bietar
To: mhazim@micro.com.ng

Dear Manuel,
Thank you for the wonderful words that you wrote about my father, Hassan, in your last newsletter, dated May 7th. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to gain the perspective of someone who used to know him when he was young. I have heard of the stories of these summer classes that he held and the tutoring. It is nice to hear that he has been involved in so many different peoples' lives. The stories are pleasant to hear. If you remember any other ones, please relay them to me.

Javier El-Bietar
Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

Subject: Marhaba
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 15:06:16 -0700
From: "El-Bitar, Roger"
To: "'mhazim@micro.com.ng'"
CC: "'cetro2@aol.com'"

Marhaba Ya Manuel,
Thx u for the Bazbina news from around the world. Before i forget, please correct my name to El-Bitar instead of Bitar, and i live in Austin, not houston. My number is 512-386-8079.
Everyone here in Austin is well and send u best regards. Filip, my cousin, called me up today from Lebanon and said that everyone is doing well. So, Manuel, do u all need help with building Bazbina's site? I will be more than happy to help. I think this idea is a great one and will open the door for people from our village to communicate and get to know one another.
Another good idea would be to have someone in Bazbina with a computer and an internet access logs down daily news and events so that we have an up to date info. Also, it would be a great tool for our familes back home to send e-mails to their sons, daughters, relatives, ...etc. As for the cost, we can all share the burden in providing equipments and/or financial means. And since the internet is becoming more versatile, we can even mount a camera on a computer and talk to people directly in bazbina.
Another fancy idea would be to have a server installed somewhere in Bazbina, running 24hours, 7 days a week with a dedicated phone line so that people can log onto it directly form anywhere around the world , rather than buying a web space to create the site. This, requires someone in bazbina with experties in computers and servers. Also, it would be easier for some one there to scan photos or even upload films directly from bazbina.
I am just brain storming here, and i would love to do it if i was living there. I thought that might help expands the idea a little more than just having a web page in the future.

Best regards from Austin,
Roger El-Bitar (Austin, Texas)

Subject: Re: Trip Subject:
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 19:15:30 -0400
From: "Mary Frances Attias"
To: "Manuel Hazim"

Dear Manuel
Hello ! How are you ? I have been reading your e-mails and they have helped me a lot to unsderstand the middle east and its beauties and also its fights.
Today I am with my mother, and I read to her your letter. She says that the one in the picture is you, because she knows you very well and it is a big boy. It was the year 1957. Daniel must have had tow years old and grampa Antonio thaught him a spanish bad word : coño. It seemed the photograph was older and it didn�t correspond to the same moment of their visit. My mother was not in the picture. It seemed your father gave it to her as a gift and Daniel was not born by that time. The picture showed Abraham your father ), you, MIMI, Diana and the babysitter.
I do not have a scanner but I will try to find a way to send it to you. It was a beautiful gesture of your daughter to write to us. Your are a very good father and theaching her good family values. Keep on the good work !

Mary Frances and Salwa Antun St. Domingo.

Subject: Toufic- Adibe Chahda's Son from Houston
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 21:50:35 -0500
From: toof
To: Manuel Hazim

Dear Manuel,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for calling and checking on my mother. I was not surprised that you did. I was told by many how kind you are. However, to make an effort to find out our phone number and to take the time to call my mother from Nigeria was abundantly generous and noble. You certainly "made her day". When I got home from work, the first thing she said to me, with a big smile on her face, was: You're never going to guess who called me today. I guessed a few names and then gave up. She said Manuel Hazim From Nigeria and followed, God rest his parents' souls, "Assil Iben Asel = Of Nobel Origin". Then, she started telling me stories about your father's practical jokes and about your mother and how nice and the great lady that she was. In short, your call meant a lot to her. And I am forever grateful.
Toufic ( Houston, Texas)

Subject: Bazbina.com
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 16:41:56 -0700
From: "Ziad Nassar"

Hey Manuel,
how's it going? how is life treating you? amazing how this message has traveled around the world and has ended up in my email box. I have been thinking about something like this for sometime. I have also been thinking about building a computer access center in Bazbina with internet connection for the residents of bazbina, for them to keep in touch with there outside family. I'm waiting for two things: 1) when I make enough money to donate to build the center and 2) when phone lines get better for quicker Internet access.
I figure by the time the phone lines get better, I should have the cash.In regards to bazbina.com there are a lot of things you can do. For example: chat room, message board, business network exchange, announcements, email newsletter subscribe list, history, stories, email forwarding support (i.e.. manuel@bazbina.com), and a few other things. We have the technology to do all of these. We can start small and grow. What are your thoughts or goals on this? I would love to work with you on this project. I can invision this project to develop the capacity to handle video conferencing rooms. This won't be for sometime, of course, even though the technology is here, but we need for bandwidth to get better. you can email me at ziad@nassar.com Waiting for your reply

Best Regards,
Ziad Nassar
Power Solutions, Inc. (San Fracisco, California)
developers of ActiveC Software



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