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Welcome to new version

This site of Bazbina, North Lebanon, is mainly to serve our residents and immigrants who are scattered all over the World as an "Online Community". This new design that you see, is the third version of the site launched in June 2003. It was prepared to the request of many of our people demanding a quicker way of interacting with each other. Therefore, we created a dynamic "Directory" that we ask all of you to freely register in it, write something about you and add your pictures.

Mr. Ziad Saneh, the principal of the Technical College of Joumeh in Tikrit, wrote a report on Bazbina and was posted at  on April 10, 2013. Pictures were provided by Mr. Saad Moussa and by Ziad himself. Please open the link.

Hipline of Gabriela and Samar

Gabriella Nassar sent to me an email from Berkeley announcing the success of their establishment, Hipline. Gabriella and Samar started their dancing school on College Avenue, Berkeley, California a year and a half ago. The business developed fast to a great success. Mentioned below is Gabrielas email more >>>

Ceremony to Honor Mr. Issam Fares at the Orthodox Seat at Cheikh Taba, Akkar.

At an honoring ceremony on June 28th that took place at the Orthodox regional seat of “Akkar and Its Environs” in Cheikh Taba, Archbishop Basilious Mansour offered a great thanks to Mr. Issam Fares for his generous and continuous support to the people of Akkar and towards the development of the entire region... more >>>

Samar Adib Nassar performs at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

On June 22nd, 2009, The New York Times published an article on the dance festival that took place in San Francisco. It was Samar the middle daughter of Adib and Patricia Nassar who drew the attention of the spectators by her professional belly dancing. She flaunted a flamboyant red brassiere, a wide expanse of bare midriff and a red skirt starting low on the pelvis. She demonstrated virtuoso bumps, grinds and rapid but complexly rhythmical undulations and isolations of pelvis and ribcage.  more >>>

Alif Afif Khoury

Alif Afif Khoury is the first son to Afif Mikhael Khoury (Abou Alif) and to Meriana Mikhael Youssef Khoury from Safita, Syria. It happened that the Khoury family of Bazbina came originally from Safita. After 2 or 3 generations Afif returned to Safita on a visit and married a cousin, Meriana....... more >>>

Roots and the Family Tree - By Alejandro Hazim

Miami  6th May. 2000.

Hi Manuel, How are you and the family? I hope all are in the best of health. I'm not very good at writting but, I was compeled to drop you these few lines. This may sound just silly but, I felt you should be praised for the time and effort you are putting  into this project. I personally feel a great sense of pride saying: ........... more >>>


 Roula Karim Nassar mentioned in

They Make Me a Designer Again

By JOSH PATNER, February 16, 2003

IR!"  I don't respond. "Sir! Can I help you?" The big Jamaican bass voice booms in my ears. I don't have my faculty ID. Turning, I peer at the security guard through sunglasses, and he nods at the sign-in clipboard for visitors. As I write V-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-o, I ask myself, What would anyone who didn't need to be at the Parsons School of Design be doing here? I'd better get a life, I think........... more >>>




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