Artesian Water Well At Wadi Deir.

01 March 2002


During the spring of 2001, the Municipality of Bazbina bored and equipped an artesian water well located at Wadi Deir to supplement the water supply network of the village that was brought from Ain El-Tini as well as to augment the water supply for irrigation. 


Mr. Milad Antoun, the Mayor, said that the well was driven to a depth of 210 meters and fitted with an 8 inches submersible  pump placed at a depth of 185 meters. Two rooms were built to enclose the water well and the 110 KVA electric generator. The little building was nicely finished and cladded with stone masonry. A 375 meters long steel pipe with a diameter of 6 inches was constructed to deliver the pumped water to the ground water reservoir that feeds by gravity the village network distribution system.


The total cost of the works amounted to USD 71,500.00 and it was funded by three sources being:

a- The Co-operative Housing Foundation

     funded by The United States A.I.D.          27,000

b- The Municipality of Bazbina                       24,500

c-   Private Donors                                         20,000

                                    TOTAL SUM       USD 71,500


The Municipality and the people of Bazbina wish to express their gratitude to The Co-operative Housing Foundation and to extend special thanks to its staff who were directly involved in the project, that is: Mr. Ayman Abdallah, Mr. Talal Hajj Dib and Miss Nada Jean-Pierre Nassar whose collective efforts and great assistance brought this project to its successful completion.


Also, special thanks goes to all those who donated generously. Their names are mentioned below:


1- Manuel Ibrahim Hazim                    3,000

2- Nehman Ward                                2,000

3- Aida Nazih Bahsa                           1,500

4- Abdallah Hani Bitar                         1,500

5- Ghassoub Chdid Mouraby              1,000

6- Nabih Assaad Khoury                     1,000

7- Ghazi Ibrahim Nassar                     1,000

8- Ibrahim Abdallah Moussa               1,000

9- Shaouki Gerjis Moussa                   1,000

10- Credit Society of Bazbina             1,000

11- Houssain Said Chdid                       500

12- Daniel Moufrej Nehmeh                   500

13- Toufic Al-Ashkar                               500

14- Ahmad Abdel Kader Charif               500

15- Adib Isíhak Chahda                         500

16- Immigrants from St. Vincent            500

17- Abdel Fattah Mohamad Chdid         500

18- Sheikh Bashir Abdel Kader              500

19- Farid Shaker                                    500

20- Shaouki Chehda                              500

21- Tony Faraj Sassin                            500

22- Milad Jamil Sassin                            500